About us

XTAG is a premium brand of ByXpress --a web portal, offering whole bunch of package where one can do all online activities, on one single platform with a single click. Saving a customers precious time and earning rewards as well. From News, gaming, e- tutorials, entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, lessons on cultivating entrepreneurship to finance, in nut shell, ByXpress web portal is an one stop solution for all your marketing, social and lifestyle needs.

XTAG - is known for providing low cost mobile advertizing solutions to entrepreneurs. With operations in 175 countries we carry a credible Reputation in the global market and our products like XTAG APP itself speak volumes on that. We are just done with the Indian and Indonesian launch.

XTAG is a free mobile APP that runs on both Android and IOS operating systems. Helps an user advertise within the defined proximity. XTAG offers state of art technology in advertising. Launched in two versions XTAG and XTAG plus, whereas XTAG helps you advertise within the defined proximity of 100 Kms, XTAG plus helps you go global with the concept of geofencing in a range of upto 500 kms.

It comes embedded With services like push notification, fast and flexible management, customized content management system, so here you have a great opportunity carve your success story. Further referring this application to your friends and colleagues earns you rewards.

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