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XTAG rage builds up further


Well done is better than well said. — Benjamin Franklin

The rage builds on.
Brands are not built overnight, it requires regular nurturing. As XTAG users multiply in large numbers, time has come to share the making of this success story.

Yes, initially, it was just an idea. Once conceived, its rant just grew louder and louder. What looked like a humble beginning grew into a movement, thousands of people looking for alternate ways of marketing embraced us with open arms, as we introduced new technologies in the world of advertising. And why not? We gave them marketing solutions at costs almost one tenth to the prevailing costs. And as world’s third richest man – Warren Buffett, says, “No marketing campaign can beat the ‘word of mouth’ put by a customer,’ believing in the same philosophy, we at ByXpress strive to deliver every commitment with utter sincerity.

It is these values, commitments and our intent to raise bar with every milestone we achieve , that gives us an edge over others.

Branding is a process of introducing your product to the world around. But it doesn’t stop there , until or unless you empower and cultivate a sense of belonging among the users. With XTAG we just did that. Not just giving advantage over the competitors at both native and global platforms. We feel proud to claim that , there is no one in our league , who can deliver such marketing solutions. If XTAG gave our members/users to advertise locally, XTAG PLUS gave them an international edge, through the Geo- fencing technology.

“We derive commitment from the fact that Sales of members/ users jacked up substantially within a short span of few months with XTAG and XTAG PLUS. For sure this is a right juxtaposition of Corporate Social responsibility with the thriving business model,” says ByXpress spokesperson.
Who would have imagined, marketing a product seven seas across, from the geographic location one is based at, at phenomenally low costs without the help of exorbitantly priced Print and Electronic media advertisements.

It is this innovation that gives us a unique business’ “identity”. We understand that the net savvy generation of Clients can see through company strategies today. Companies cannot just charm their way to sales. Corporate world will have to look beyond sales, and have to nourish communities and economies. XTAG community is living upto the same philosophy.

XTAG aims to build up a long term relationship with both —members and users. Now that we know we have lived up to their expectations, XTAG for sure is a force to reckon with and a name synonym to trust and branding.

Do share your responses with us & check out www.xtagmobile.com

  • je

    Well done is better than well said

    July 21, 2016 Reply
  • Times are chnigang for the better if I can get this online!

    July 23, 2016 Reply

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