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XTAG – Adding your store

XTAG — Brings a plethora of options to list any product. From the world of Arts & Design to entertainment, bars, clubs, cosmetics, jewellery, hospitality, wellness, health, Golf — name any vertical of economy and you have it here. 


To be part of this amazing e-commerce story, all you need is to take three small steps. Which can be done either by going directly to the business link or visit our portal www.xtagmobile.com and click on the “List Your Business” option. 




       Your journey to take on the global/native markets begins here



Step One — Select your category. 


Once you are on the page, select the category of the product, it falls under. 


Eg- Ms Jones  owns — “Betty’s Spa & Salon Services”


This would fall under the “Wellness”   category. 


Step Two — Choose your market


This would seek specific details in regard to your company/store/brand name, website, e-mail, URL, city, location and above all the target location.



Step Three — Add details about offer. 


Entice your customers by filling catchy tag lines, titles, product description, offer amount along with the pics of the product. 


Once done, submit it.


Now see revenues multiplying ! 










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