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“What Geo-Fencing is and why you should be using it ?”


Location Matters !!! 

Incase you thought so, “XTAG” has blasted that myth.    

1970’s gave formulae of 4P’s — Product, Place, Price, and Promotion’ on marketing mix to this world. It was given that place of operations has to be in  close proximity of the product. No one challenged this perception for quite a long time. However, as world adapted to new changes in late 90’s,  Liberalisation, Globalisation and Privatisation became new buzzwords. Denizens sought for more. Riding the wave, Electronic and Print media made a killing and raked in moolah with entrepreneurial aspirations running all time high. High cost advertisements, dwindling circulations and smart phone penetration heading North, across the spectrum , redefined the marketing parameters. There was a new wave – a paradigm shift, irrespective of the fact, manufacturing, assembling or board room locations. 

Geo-Fencing technology enabled “XTAG APP” has simply blasted many such myths.

To put it in slight technical lingo of an expert, “Geo-fencing is a location-based technology that allows businesses to set-up virtual zones around a given location for the purpose of targeting marketing efforts at customers who have opted-in to receive correspondences from the business.”

ByXpress – makers of high end FREE MOBILE APP – “XTAG PLUS” is being seen as one time solution for all  advertising needs. This helps an user  advertise in any corner of the world, within a range of 500 KMs through Geo- fencing technology. 

This revolutionising technology has been given thumbs up by the technical experts.  XTAG users multiplying by the day bears testimony to the fact that, a vacuum has been fulfilled.  Not just this, the FREE APP promises you earn One MobileCoin, the moment a XTAG user shares link on social networks. 

The zest to reach out to new markets has always remained a major bottle neck and entrepreneurs largely rely on their respective  Governments to take forward the bilateral relations. Which is further dependent on the peace and harmony in that very region. Considering the fact that peace cannot be taken for granted in the times we live and with nations failing to resolve issues diplomatically, economic developments take a back seat. Perhaps to address these concerns, XTAG  invention was waiting to happen. As they say , “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. 

Geo -Fencing makes you reach out to any audience , any clientele around the world. Certainly XTAG makes this journey enthralling  and rewarding.     

Keep us posted on your take on the subject. 

Do visit— www.xtagmobile.com

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