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“The Mega ByXpress launch in Asia’s burgeoning economy – India”

The event was – launch of “ByXpress” – a network marketing behemoth in the burgeoning economy of Asian subcontinent – India, that’s aiming for a double digit GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 10- 12 percent by next year. What better place ByXpress founders would have asked for !!!
The launch that saw  who’s who of Indian metropolitans – Hyderabad, Raipur, Delhi, Ranchi and Bhubneshwar  got to rocking start from on June 22. The euphoria built up during a week long business trip by ByXpress team is just getting wider and larger with every passing day. Curiosity factor seems to be all time high. 
Set to address customer needs by adhering to cost effective solutions, ByXpress is redefining advertising trends across the length and breadth of India. Company, offers a plethora of products under the same roof, though its web portal – www.byxpress.com . Name any product from any vertical or sector from as large as a HOME, to a small textile products and you have it there.   
Though the company’s focus at the moment is on its mobile application XTAG and XTAG PLUS, it will soon be rolling out a full fledged strategy to let customers cash on the offers on products ByXpress has.   
 XTAG launch , met with a thunderous applause as soon as company’s  spokesperson shared the features of this modern day web portal wwww.byxpress.com and “XTAG & XTAG APP”- apt for all marketing needs, for conglomerates to startups, in any sector of economy. Be it Automobiles, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Textile or Fashion brands, the APP promises to reduce the advertising costs effectively, challenging the old traditional way advertising has been done.    
Needless to say, the Indian launch of ByXpress derived a huge response from 
‘creme da la crème’ of Corporate world.  
“Through ByXpress we intend to serve you on all aspects of life -shopping , learning , traveling, socialising, knowledge sharing, our aim is also to evolve a community free from regulations and market controls. We are set to redefine the way advertising is done by Cultivating entrepreneurship and above all embracing new technologies with us,” that was the gist of event.
The event smeared in a new energy was full of fun , frolic and action. 
Mind you , for many this was a game changer incident. So why miss fun? “We want you to be a part of this upcoming humongous success story. With you we want to walk . All you got to do is just embrace few tips we shared with you and your life  is set to bloom, blossom and find a purpose,” said ByXpress spokesperson while welcoming the distinguished guests exhorting them to be part of this impeccable journey.
Undoubtedly, the day was symbolic to the Renaissance in the world of technology. This spectacular extravaganza unfolded a new era in advertising.  The event, living up to the core philosophy of ByXpress – “Empowering Communities” left the audience spell bound, wanting and seeking for more. 
So when and where is the next launch happening ? 
Keep guessing !!!

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