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The CEO guide to customer experience

Companies which create unmatched customer experiences stand apart from others in the industry. The customer is the king: no matter what goods or services you provide the customer if your user who pays you at the end. The better services you provide to your customer the better name you create for yourself in the market. Hence your customer’s satisfaction his overall experience should be your main motive.

The question which really matters to CEOs is: what does the customer want? To be an industry leader you need to understand your organisation, and how and what you deliver to customers. In order to do this you first need to understand the needs through the eyes of the customer. For example, Apple designs its phones in such a way that they are user friendly They focus on every detail possible like the grip of the phone, the curves, and internal specifications as well.

Before you go into analytics and research into customer liking, you need to be fired with a passion to put the customer first. Said Maxine Clark, Founder and Former CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop:  “I think the successful brands in the world like the Virgin brand in the UK or Build-A-Bear Workshop, Starbucks, Zara, the people behind those brands really felt there was a need to fill a void and are passionate about the business that they’re in.”

Apart from develop and designing your products and services one should also focus on after sales experience to your customers. Customer offices should be set up at right places and staff should not harass your customer by overcharging or refusing to provide services or in any way. Learn from your mistakes in servicing your client:

Said Bob Black, Managing Director, TNT Express Australia, “Like many organizations, we were very process driven. The good news is we recognize that now. We had put in place these processes to ensure people didn’t slip out of line. But we overplayed our hand. We really want our people to be more natural in the way they talk with customers, and the irony is, that is what they wanted as well.”

Keeping in touch with your customers and trends in the market should be a lifelong learning endeavour. Said Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, “Our CEOs and leaders have to be lifelong students—not just students in the sense of attending courses or reading a book or two. You’ve got to learn how to read widely, walk the market, look at trends in the marketplace, make connections that don’t seem obvious.”

Finally, it is important to note that the customer experience is not all about number crunching and data, but rather it is an emotional experience. Colin Shaw is founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, one of the world’s first organizations devoted to customer experience. He said, “A Customer Experience is not just about rational aspect of the experience; it’s about emotions, subconscious and psychological aspects.”

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