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New Gen APP set to turn ‘Users’ into ‘Beneficiaries’


Companies have to wake up to the fact that they are more than a product on a shelf. They’re behaviour as well’ — Robert Haas, Levi Strauss.

The tech savvy generation is looking for more. Mobile APP boom is making people interact and analyse the content/advertisement, in a different way. Rising influx of applications may have made their lives simpler, but they look forward for rewards. Challenging the Capitalist mindset — “Why should all money go to founders alone?”

Information Technology behemoths across the planet made billions of dollars, without making clients or end users as their stake holders.

Perhaps thats set to change in near future.

A few companies have taken a leap in this direction. Launch of applications like “XTAG” just substantiates the fact that , winds of change have begun to swing.

Turkish conglomerate — ByXpress — the brain behind this new phenomenon called – XTAG , wants to turn its users into stake holders/beneficiaries by making them pay instantly, a part of their earning through its digital currency – MobileCoin. What else would a consumer would have cared for?

Not that the companies are trying to win the trust over a consumer this way, this also sets for a firm pitch to adapt digital currency in tumulting times, even as Europe debates BREXIT instilling fears of bears inching gradually to embrace stock markets. With Bulls set to be beaten, the times are ripe for pitching alternate currencies as need of the hour.

Suffice to mention, this crypto wave saved many even during the global slowdown 2008-09 when investment bankers failing to deal with the conundrum of decades in order to serve the richie-rich, finally rested their swords on common denizens. Away from the Government control and regulations, alternate currencies like “MobileCoin” are being looked up to the only solution in testing times, and are considered as good an investment as in Gold.
“This is a way of paying back to society. Why should a handful of people enjoy all perks, its about equality and making these people give wings to their dreams,” says a ByXpress Spokesperson.

“Those in sync with the consumer sentiment have started to work on this front.”

As more and more companies commence their journey to reinvent and recreate to give a user friendly experience they must understand the only way to delight the user in the right way is by paying them back.

Its time corporate world learns a lesson or two from the APPS like “XTAG & XTAG PLUS“ that not just address the ‘native and global’ advertising needs , respectively , but also contributes in building a healthy financial ecosystem.

So, get set to embark on a new journey with #XTAG offers.


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