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“When all think alike, then no one is thinking.” — Walter Lippman

Advertising has no consistent soulmates. From Newspaper, Television, to desktops and now its latest fad is mobile. Advertising industry has embraced everything that glorifies it in best possible ways. That’s how life is, exactly !!! Personified, since human evolution and advertising can’t be contained and it derives satisfaction from the fact — it beats every threshold our predecessors set for us.

Facts corroborate this. The rapid shift from desktop to mobile, signifies Mobile Advertising is here to stay for long. Perhaps coquettious advertising is going to have one its largest stints with mobiles. It would be difficult to foresee what would replace mobiles, as smart watches have failed to steal the thunder so far. For sure the bar has been raised, and with aspirations running high, the invention has to be many notches above, then what we already have.

Its a common knowledge, digital adverting is growing exponentially. Advertisers en-cashing on the sentiment, “people spend more time on mobiles then desktops” has redrawn their strategies and now target millions of their potential customers on mobiles. A close look at the data released by a search firm shows that US adults spends some four hours daily. This time is set to grow further substantially. as indicated by the prominent surveying companies.

This is where some companies have taken the lead and developing mobile applications in tandem with the market forces. Free mobile APPS like XTAG are set to make a killing, given that its providing low cost solutions to the advertisers and above all the APP lets you move beyond your regular domains, to experience new markets. Now who would have imagined Geo- fencing enabled applications doing the trick for advertisers.
ByXpress — the maker of XTAG has pioneered this concept, challenging the traditional ways of marketing.

For Canada based Jaquiline Fernandes — a startup entrepreneur based out of Toronto, launching new range of Silk garments was a herculean task, till the time she discovered XTAG. That changed the story for her ever. As a startup, she would always try to impress upon people with new business pitch to get the seed money. Post XTAG, her story has changed and today she has many takers. But she is in no hurry, as within short span of times, she was able to jack up sales — all thanks to the mobile marketing.

“Mobile marketing and especially XTAG APP changed the course of my life. I am a different person. The sales order rose like anything, and i had no option but to source merchandise. Later i thought, how about having sourcing, merchandising and manufacturing at the same place. I choose India, from where i was getting my raw material. It worked for me,” says Ms Fernandes.

It may sound astonishing to many, a few search firms like Magna Global has forecasted that by the end of 2016, digital advertising will beat the television advertising for the first time, with $66B in revenue in the U.S.

There are many like Ms Fernandes, who never had a chance encounter with such Mobile APPS. Its time they experience XTAG.


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