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Importance of staying focused at work!


Life has a tendency of distracting us at the most crucial time. It’s like when you have to make that important presentation the next day, you realize there is a Manchester United football match the night before that you simply have to watch!

If you decide to watch the match and deal with the presentation later, it could turn out to be a rushed job, which your boss will recognize immediately. Covering up at the last moment often does not work.

There are many things in our personal life that may distract us, but it is important to stay focused at work. It about finding the right techniques, knowing your priorities and the most important, sticking to them!

  • Prioritize your tasks: Keep a “to-do” list handy and keep checking this, not only as a reminder, but this will give you a sense of satisfaction that you’re accomplishing your work.
  • Make people around you aware of your personal policies, for example let people close to you know that when you’re working on an important project, then you don’t want to be invited for parties. Even in the office, inform your colleagues about your free time, in case they want to chat.
  • Have a comfortable sitting arrangement- you must choose a great chair and a table combination when you start to sit for some work. Otherwise you will feel physically strained while working.
  • Have your work station organized: when you’re working you may possibly not prioritize keeping your desk tidy. You may end up with too much clutter on the table, which can become a huge distraction in itself.
  • Make your computer distraction free- you must keep shortcuts for the programs which are used on a daily basis. Have only limited folders for your work. Also, ensure that your computer/laptop is virus free. These small steps help to reduce your stress level and help you finish your task quicker.
  • Have food-water breaks- you must drink lots of water and munch something healthy, preferably fruit, after every few hours. Drinking water makes you feel fresh and keeps you hydrated.
  • Use your headphones- not for listening to music but for distancing yourself from the extra sounds that come day in and day out and distract you from your work.

One of the biggest distractions of modern times is social networking sites.  It’s a fact that social media distracts you a lot and takes away a lot of precious time from the work day. If you find this difficult, then turn your phone on silent, put it away in a drawer, and check it once every hour or so.

It would be wise to follow the counsel of research psychologist Dr Larry Rosen, who says one must be up front to those who contact you often through phone calls or social media, and tell them the following: “I realize I’ve gotten into these bad habits of acting a bit like Pavlov’s dogs and respond upon cue … Please know that I’m not ignoring you, but I’m trying to focus and attend so I can do justice to my work.”

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