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Gear your social media marketing to millennials

Millennials are a big deal nowadays. They are the largest and the most advanced generation and are about to enter into their peak purchasing years. Millennials are the generation which includes 20-30 year olds, who have seen the evolution of technology or have been a part of it. It is estimated that millennials will be the top spenders in the coming years, which indicates that business owners should start thinking the about millennials and follow trends about them in order to keep updated.

Millennials spend twice the amount online as they do in retail purchasing, says a study conducted in July 2016. Individuals between the ages of 20 to 30 spend a significant amount of time on the internet, both surfing and using online services. In fact millennials are said to spend around 7.5 hours daily in doing online transactions or using web services.

So what do you know about millennials? Almost 60 per cent of millennials say that they prefer the brand which reflects their style and personality. Coca Cola was one of the first companies that felt a need to connect with millennials. In its popular ‘share a Coke’ campaign, it was probably the first time the company made major changes to their packaging to suit the tastes of millennials.

Marketing your products or services, and connecting with millennials, can be achieved through social media. For example, let’s take Instagram, a highly popular photo sharing platform. It is rightly said that a photo speaks a thousand words. To increase your customer experience you can always repost consumer feedbacks and their photos with your products. Such a process is useful to both the customer, as it makes them feel special, and to you as well as it connects you with your consumer. In order to increase more content you can make a short, easy to remember, snappy hashtag. Millennials speaks in the language of hashtags, so you can run contests using hashtags. Using a hashtag will let you collect all your product photos into one place too.
YouTube is a video sharing platform which has incredible popularity among the millennials. Some watch more content on YouTube than they watch programmes on TV. This huge shift from TV to YouTube should be a priority for you in your marketing strategy. For example, say you have a clothing business, you can always showcase your clothes by making videos of your latest collections. You can teach your customer how to dress up and what colours to match and what to avoid. Videos reach the customer on a much personal level and leave a greater mark on the customer.

You can also use features of Facebook and YouTube like streaming where you can showcase the hard work of the workers and how a product is manufactured and is reaches the client. Such initiatives increase your authenticity and helps a customer understand what goes in manufacturing, thus strengthening the brand customer relationship.

It is advisable to research which particular segment of millennials you need to direct your marketing campaigns towards, for example young women are less likely to use Snapchat and Twitter than Instagram, while Facebook tends to host users who make under $50,000 a year.

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