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Build your brand by engaging communities !


Who doesn’t want their brand to be top of client recall? Companies that have done this successfully can bask in the glory of proprietary eponyms: so if someone is thirsty they will automatically ask for a Coke, and someone is injured they will naturally ask for a Bandaid, not a plastic bandage.


Here are some ways of building your brand by engaging the power of communities:-

1. Referral programmes
Word of mouth is known to be a most powerful way of building of a brand, and also saves a considerable amount of money in direct advertising. As we all know, if a client is satisfied he may tell 10 friends, but if he is not satisfied with a product or service, he is likely to tell 50 people.

Clients are more likely to spread the word about your product or service if you offer them something extra. For example, Dropbox offers existing users 500 MB of extra storage space for every friend they refer. Uber too has a referral programme in which it offers an incentive to taxi drivers who introduce other drivers for recruitment into the company. Not only does this save recruitment costs, but a driver telling another candidate about the job is a sure way to build the brand, as he is likely to speak high of the company.

Airbnb, the worldwide accommodation leader, also taps the power of referals, and is in fact largely community drive. This company began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share in their home, hosted three travellers looking for a place to stay. Now, millions of hosts choose to host travellers. Travellers look at the earlier reviews of guests, and hosts check up on the traveller’s review by the earlier host.

2. Tap the power of social media

These days most companies make an effort to build their brand by engaging in targeted communities through social media. Here are some interesting facts:
• Individuals spend on an average 6.35 hours on FB every month, and there are 1 billion active users every month.
• Instagram has 200 million active users; and 1 billion likes every day.
• 15 % of internet users are on Pininterest. Pininterest is second to FB in driving people from their site to corporate websites.
• 6 % of users use Twitter solely for business purposes.
• 31.1 pc of consumers say blogs affected their purchase decisions.

One could run a social media contest in which contestants submit a photo or video, which others have to vote for. Naturally, contestants will share the link with friends and family in order to obtain votes, and in the process will build your brand awareness.

3. Rich blog content

Another great way to get your brand known on the web is to deliver exciting content to be shared on other blogs. Memorable postings by important guests is still a powerful way to get your name known in the industry.

As competition between brands becomes even more fierce, it is those companies that proactively (rather than reactively) search for a targeted audience on social media that will be ahead. By engaging communities in this way, it is more than likely that the audience will soon be transformed into a loyal user base of your brand.

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