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Adding zing to your social media presence

There is rapid increase of social media and its users. Many businesses could suffer a huge loss if they do not tap digital media effectively.

Facebook continues to dominate the digital market, with users increasing day by day. This is possibly because Facebook is an easy to use platform and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. According to reports, over 1 billion users access Facebook from mobile phones.

In order to make your Facebook page a success try giving it a human touch. Your goal should be reaching out to your followers and subscribers and communicating with them as friends and let your ideology reflect in every post which goes online.

The posts should be entertaining and try showing a personal side of your brand or organisation. Let your fans know about what is happening in your firm and about your new products. Share your experiences as leaders try to inspire your fans. Post pictures and videos as they prove to be more engaging and entertaining.
As the manager of your fan page you should keep in mind the type of audience you have with you and the type of audience you want for you. Focus on your demography and post content according to your audience. The posts should be motivating ad encouraging and should also create a sense of curiosity among your fans. The post should be easier to understand in audience friendly language.

Follow the 80/20 rule, 80% of the content should be educational, conversational while the rest 20% should be about the company or your product. You should promote your product on your page but make sure you don’t go too overboard with it.

To engage more with your audience, have marketing plans. Build offers, polls, contests, etc. for your audience and make them more active on your page. Offering coupons and discounts will go a long way in developing your loyalty and trust with your consumer. To increase your visibility try Facebook Ads. Says Mark Zuckerberg, “If businesses share content that is useful, it will be shown on Facebook newsfeed.”
Use Facebook actions buttons, which allows you to set up buttons on your page which will lead the user to your website or desired URL and help in engaging your audience.

Twitter is also a great tool for marketing. It’s 140 character limit is useful in this day and age when consumer prefer to skim through information, rather than read detailed descriptions.

You can create an influential following over this platform. For example, you can get celebrities who have massive fan following on Twitter to support you and increase your followers. You can organise polls and contests on your account and manage your page.
You can also use LinkedIn, which a social platform for corporates and collaborate with other entrepreneurs and firms and market yourself. Not only can you create a group discussion around your own business, but you can get involved in other discussions too.

If you use email to reach out to your customers, including your social media links below your signature as can help in improving your social media penetration.

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