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What does it take to be great at your work place? A shining resume, a perfect set of 32 teeth or a smart vibe? Work places can be stressful, what with the pressure of deadlines and targets, and sometimes it can be difficult to seize the day. While joining a new job can create excitement and buzz, working in the same office for years can get monotonous.

The key to keep the thrill is doing what you love. If your passion becomes your job, you will never have to work a day in your life. Studies show that those who chose their careers themselves, rather having someone choose this for them, have better overall performance. They are more diligent in their work, are ready to put in extra working hours, show more interest and efficiency in their tasks, and are generally more satisfied people.

The trick to conquer negativities at the workplace comes from a positive mindset and attitude. Nothing beats determination and hard work, the will to do something, to bring a change. The change doesn’t have to shift the universe, it can be a simple change in the routine of an individual itself. Every change that needs to be brought about must start from you. If you’re not happy with your job, change it. If you have issues with a colleague, confront them.

If you always have to drag yourself out of bed and feel exhausted every morning, try and change your sleep pattern and also include a little exercise in your routine. Peter found that eating an early dinner and a light one, full of salads and boiled vegetables, made him less lethargic in the mornings.

Tina began socializing more with your colleagues, and offering to help around the office more often. Research shows that people who make an effort to give more to others around them, tend to be more happier than others. In other words, when you give, you will also receive.

Try taking up that task you always thought you couldn’t do. Extra credit is always given to an ‘I tried’ rather than an ‘I cannot do’. Know your capacity, and push yourself to suitable limits. But on the other hand don’t overburden yourself, as this may lead to more tiredness or frustration.

And last but not least, laugh. Show those pearly, white teeth of yours. And also make others around you smile. Humour at the workplace has a role to play in bringing about positive vibes. Not only is humour a desirable leadership trait, but humour has been tapped by companies like Southwest Airlines to develop a fun culture that aces the workplace and helps in employee retention.

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